Animal Shelter
Professions Animal Trainer, Vet, Zoologist
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 1
Working time 10m
Special effect Daily Pet
Building time 1h 35m 45s

Animal Shelter is a type of building. It lists the "total amount of rescued animals", referring to the number of times a duplicate animal has been spliced.

"Secondary Splicing, commonly referred to as "Love" or Recreation, can be unpredictable. The resulting by-products can create animal genotypes that are occasionally repetitive. The Animal Shelter looks after this utterly loveable excess."

Update 1.30Edit

With the recent update, the Animal Shelter has a "Daily Pet" button that gives the player a Surprise to be opened for various rewards including coins, utopium and animals. The first Surprise each day is free, with subsequent Surprises costs varied by levels.

"Buy a chance at adopting a pet instantly from the animal shelter."

Update 1.50Edit

The "Daily Pet" button -with the first Surprise each day for free- is still here, but the possibility of "buying" surprises is deleted from the game. The best approach for almost the same result is "spinning" at the Arcade.

Animal FarmEdit

In the Shop, this building can be upgraded to the Animal Farm at the cost of real money. This will let you collect up to 9 free animals each day.

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