A free prize every day!
Professions Game Designer, Programmer, Artist
Production multiplier ×4
Lot size 1
Working time 10m
Special effect Every day a free spin to win animals, Utopium, houses, trees, and decor.
Building time 6m 40s

Arcade is a type of building.

"The Tactile Arcade, called the Arcade for short, offers a range of games for Utopians to play. Visitors are known to complain when charged more than 1 coin per session."

Special Ability Edit

The Arcade has an interesting function where you can spin for a chance to win animals, Utopium, houses, trees and decor. The first spin each day is free while subsequent spins cost start from 500,000 up to 10,000,000 coins (depending on expansion level). Spin cost remains at 500,000 until the player passes Level 9 (120 land).

Unique items that can be found are: an astrotree (Utopium Blossom), several astroglass decorations, three astroglass residential types and special Animal Packs. Animal packs can contain between 1 and 4 animals.

History Edit

In the 1.4 version of the game, the arcade was one of the highest coin production buildings and reached 40 coins per second (cps) early in the game. The downside: it's very short running time of 2 minutes; which means you have to click it more often than most to keep it running. Upgrading helps a lot, because each upgrade (costing 3u) nets an extra 4,800 coins/run per upgrade. At level 5 and with 40 cps, it gathers 24,000 coins every 10 minutes.

Cost per Extra Spin Edit

Level Coins per Spin
1-9 500,000
10 769,999
11 1,169,999

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