Arrival Center
Welcome to Utopia
Professions Mechanic
Production multiplier ×0
Lot size 4
Working time Varies
Special effect Arrival center for new clones
Building time None

Arrival Center is a type of building.

The Arrival Center is one of the pre-existing buildings when you start the game and it is one you will be visiting a lot to help splice your way to your own utopia.

"The arrival center has no stats. The mechanic has her hands full with splicing and does not have the ability to produce coins here. She also has been experiencing random self-cloning accidents in the past and claims to have been abducted along with her workplace on numerous occasions. Let's cut her some slack."


To splice a new person you need to select a blank Clone from the 3 slots available (more will arrive over increasing lengthening periods of time as you splice more professions), then choose a pair of professions from your genes list.

Combining the results in a new profession/gene and a new person of that new type. If the new type is the first of its kind that works in a building not yet constructed you will be prompted to place that new building before it can be sent to work, otherwise you can click on the new clone and send him to work in an existing building right away.

Some professions work in multiple buildings and so can be made more than once.

See also the Splicing page.


While waiting for their building to be built a new clone will block new arrivals. You can send that clone to the Hotel on vacation at a cost of 1 utopium. Find out more about vacationing page.

A Rival CenterEdit

Since the 1.6 update, a second Arrival Center can be bought (at the cost of real money!). This building is called: A Rival Center.

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