Astro Church
Insert Coin
Professions Preacher, Ancient Hero, Oracle
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 1
Working time 5m
Building time 10h

Astro Church is a type of building.

"The Astro Church is a place where grateful clones often stop by to pay their thanks to the creator above. Give freely, and more shall you receive."

The Astro Church had a "donate" button that gave the player +1 land at a cost of 8 utopium. As of versions 1.5 the button was removed.

Before version 1.50, players used the Casino/Astro Church Strategy to gain terrain without leveling up, but the strategy was banned. Players who did the strategy before the ban were awarded in the 1.5 update the "Veteran Mode" achievement.

"Divine intervention for a small denomination"

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