Bakers Dozen

Baker's Dozen is a type of mission that has been added in the v1.53 update. This mission can be completed at the Utopia HQ and requires the following:

This mission can only be completed once.

Note: In order to complete this mission you NEED the Altar building. It occupies four spaces. You can easily obtain it by splicing a Mutant with a Jockey. The Mutant is a special gene that is unlocked once you have around 155 jobs spliced.

Trivia Edit

The 'Baker's Dozen' mission was named the way it was because:

  • The main job was a baker, to complete the mission.
  • You unlocked 13 new combos, which equals a baker's dozen.
  • If you add up all the number of heads in the mission (including the baker), it equals thirteen, which is a baker's dozen.

Reward Edit

Once the mission is completed, the player is awarded 13 new Professions:

Profession Formula 1 Formula 2 Workplaces
1. Eagle Scout Park Ranger Explorer Campsite
2. Camp Counsellor Eagle Scout Homemaker Campsite
3. Outlaw Lumberjack Ninja Lumber Mill
4. Caveman Strongman Tribal Cave
5. Crashtest Dummy Stunt Double Valet Garage
6. Oil Driller Construction Worker Deep Sea Diver Oil Rig
7. Vigilante Detective Martial Artist Cave
8. Rock Climber Mountain Climber Stunt Double Cave
9. Welder Pyrotechnician Mechanic Space Admin, Oil Rig
10. Oil Baron Oil Driller Investor Oil Rig
11. Barber Hair Stylist Apprentice Barber Shop
12. Acapella Singer Vocalist Bassist Barber Shop
13. Merchant Salesman Sailor Port Authority

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