Base Statistics
Professions Baseballer, Statistician, Catcher
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 1
Working time 30m
Special effect Rough Estimates: Round your cash to the nearest thousand or million
Building time 6h

Ballpark is a type of building.

"Great plans were drafted for the construction of a baseball diamond with a huge outfield, where Utopians would bring their kids for weekly games. The lack of children, and dearth of baseball genes to fill all positions on a team, led to park being downsized to the bare minimum requirements."

Special abilityEdit

The Ballpark has a "switch" button that rounds the cash display, shortening the display to a 'ballpark' figure. It rounds your cash to the nearest thousand or million. Please note that "Rough Estimates" will always cap at 2147m, regardless of how many coins you actually have.

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