Beach House
Beach House
Hang Eleven
Professions Surfer, Lifeguard, Swimsuit Model
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 2x2
Working time 5m
Special effect Unlocks Shoreline decor
Building time 24-48h

The Beach House is a type of building that is unlocked when the player splices a Surfer.

"The Beach House is a great place to soak up the sun, now that we can see it again. Frolicking in the sand seems to have been a popular earthly pastime, hence provions have now been made to allow for the building of a coastline around any Utopia that can afford it."

Previous quote: "Smells like town spirit"

Special AbilityEdit

The Beach House building unlocks the regular Shoreline Decor. The new types of decor can be found in the "Build" screen under: Landscape -> Decor -> Shoreline Decor.

There are also frozen/snowy versions of the Shoreline Decor. They were added in the Winter update. To read more about Shoreline Decor, see the Decor page.

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