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  • Morriganna

    I plan to take over this wiki because 

    A: The information is really outdated

    B: Because I am capable of doing so.

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  • Utopiagenie88


    May 9, 2014 by Utopiagenie88

    If you read my last blog, you will know why I want to chat with you guys. Please chat with me. Meet me at May 10th at the chatting room at 4:30 PM. I sent 5 people my invitation. Those people are Bloodpurge, Evonybub, X37X37, Redstone B, and Tsanger.

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  • Utopiagenie88

    Hi guys. I'm Utopiagenie88. I just joined Pixel People Wiki yesterday. I got Pixel People last weekend and I loved it. So, I decided to join Pixel People Wiki. I just wanna say, can we be friends and chat with each other?

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  • Redstone B

    Right, so I played pixel people, linked it to my facebook (in case it got lost again) and quit the app for ten minutes. When I come back, my town is gone, online AND offline. Has anyone else been experiancing this issue?

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  • Cabrii

    Newbie here, hope to help!

    November 6, 2013 by Cabrii

    Total (3days) noob. Really liking this game, and hope to catch up with all you vets out there! Plz lemme know if I can help you in some way - I love info digging, but sometimes go 'off the grid' for a bit - just a heads up.

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  • X37X37

    Achievements table

    October 12, 2013 by X37X37

    Page Image Title Description Reward Category Extra information
    Founding Fathers Discover(ed) all jobs on the Mayor's page 1u Professions 1st page

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  • X37X37


    September 16, 2013 by X37X37

    I'm planning to do something with a table or so at the Arrival Center where viewers can see which "button color" means what.


    Image Description
    If you choose two professions to combine at the Arrival Center and this button shows up, the two professions do not combine. Though, the formula could result in a secret gene, which has to be unlocked first by completing particular missions at the Utopia HQ.
    When this button appears, the two professions you chose have are a combination, but you have already spliced/discovered it. Pressing the button anyway results in a (wished or unwished) clone with the spliced job. The splicing when pressed this button takes 10 seconds.
    When you see a green button, you have found a …

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  • EgotisticalMe

    Current projects

    September 14, 2013 by EgotisticalMe

    Add lot sizes to all buildings

    Add building time to all buildings

    Add secret animal pictures

    Add secret animal formulae

    Add event pictures

    Add teir 3 profession pictures

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  • Rose6087


    August 30, 2013 by Rose6087

    Am I doing some thing wrong here or what? Im super confused, how do you get a sea dog!? It's just driving me crazy! Can anyone AT LEAST give meh a HINT, of WHAT im doing WRONG PLEASE?!

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  • Rose6087

    High Prices

    August 30, 2013 by Rose6087

    Super High Prices:

    Look at all that money we need to expand! It's just IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IN A DAY. It's been almost a year and i haven't been able to expand yet! And though the utopium thing is here now, I can't ever get that much! Any one have a idea of how to get that much money in ONE SINGLE DAY?!

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  • Rose6087

    Pixel people! :D

    August 29, 2013 by Rose6087

    Hey Peeps! It's Maddie here, and pixel people has been AWSOME, I've had fun times on pixel people and i love how all the animals on there look, Even the Gummy Bear! I've even discovered some special genes, and new stuff in the game. That's al for now! Cya later!

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  • Rose6087

    Just leveled up! New special genes are here too! Look at the corners or the color of the pack, and see if you got a special type of clone! I just got five new clones, the same special type! And its totally Coolios now! I even love the bumper season cuz it boosts money! Though expanding is hard to pay for! The prices get so high i haven't even been able to get any new buildings for a month!

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  • Webchickenator

    I sat down to edit the Professions page in "Source" mode and encountered a bit of a mess, so set out to clean it up. You can view the diff here, if you're curious: A lot of this was simple find/replace.

    However, the trickiest thing was taking markup like this:

    This means take the *first* group of parentheses it encounters and stick whatever's in between them (in our case, the human readable name of the wiki link) between double brackets. If we had put parentheses around, say, the URL part as well, we would refer to that as $1 (because it comes first) and the human-readable version would be $2, and so on.

    And... voila! :)

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  • Froggyxablaze

    Currently working on all of the Pixel People profession/gene pages. It'll be a long journey but since I have everything unlocked, the information is at my finger tips.

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  • TheVisionary

    Hey guys, TheVisionary here. I think I need to let all you Pixel People Wiki contributors know that practically all our professions have gotten Mechanical Engineer in their requires list and no Mechanic. So approximately 100 professions have the wrong Mechanic and will need to be fixed. For example click on the link of the Mechanical Engineer and click any of the required by's in its category and I can tell you that the other profession is likely have no attribut to the Mechanical Engineer and need to be removed and add Mechanic. If you would contribute to edit this mistake it would be very kind of you.

    TheVisionary (talk) 04:54, March 14, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Kaylapalooza
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  • BananaGummyBear64


    February 14, 2013 by BananaGummyBear64

    Why does this happen sometimes when I open pixel people?

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