Brute Force

This mission is hinted at from the Secret Hideout and can only be completed at the Utopia HQ.

Please note that this mission will only show up, if you've already spliced a few of the Secret Professions.

Requirements Edit

The missions costs the following:

Alternatively, players can bypass the mission for 5 Mutopium, unlocking the new genes without having to pay and/or unlock all the requirements for the mission.

Reward Edit

Once the mission is completed, 5 new genes will be unlocked. These are the genes listed #10 - 14 in the secret job list at the Secret Hideout.

Profession Formula Workplace(s)
10. Surfer Skateboarder + Olympic Swimmer Beach House
11. Butcher Cattle Rustler + Cook Fast Food
12. Hockey Player Wrestler + Figure Skater Snow Globe
13. Sports Fan Statistician + Athlete Arena
14. Lumberjack Carpenter + Strongman Lumber Mill

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