Cabin In The Woods
Cabin In The Woods
Beware of the wolf
Professions Big Bad Wolf, Hooded Rider, Dwarf, Shoe Maker, Jungle Dweller, Forester
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 1
Working time 30m
Building time 48h

Cabin In The Woods is a type of building and has no special ability.

"When the planner Extraordinaire of Utopia Corp. commissioned the construction of a Cabin in the Woods, he did not expect a cabin literally IN the woods to be the result. Utopium enriched, the cabin lives and breathes with the forest it inhabits, and gives refuge to a motley bunch of clones who should rightly be dressed in Motley. But being the pleasant clones that they are, they do manage to get along and put on a good show for theme park visitors."

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