Candy is a resource gathered instead of hearts while the Zombie Time event is active. During Zombie Time, the player can go trick-or-treating, collecting candies from residences. Candies will randomly appear over residences during Zombie Time and the heart meter at the top of the screen is replaced by the current amount of candies owned. The Zombie Time event can also be triggered manually at the cost of hearts at the Dark Tower.

Candies are gathered the same way hearts are collected, by tapping the residential lot over which the candy is floating, then pressing and holding the candy-shaped button until the candy that appears in the middle of the screen reaches full size. The player will gather 0, 2, 5 or 10 candies per attempt.

Candies are spent at Utopia HQ to complete Halloween missions. Gathering candy is necessary to build the six types of Halloween-themed LandscapesAbandoned CampFountain of GoryHot SpotI Scream VanPetrified Forest, and Pumpkin Patch.

Candies needed for missionsEdit

The six Halloween-themed decors and trees can be obtained by completing missions. These missions all require a different amount of candies:

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