Games should be fun.
Professions Mime, Clown, Pyrotechnician
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 4
Working time 1h
Special effect Activate the Funfair event
Building time 48h

Carnival is a type of building.

"The Carnival is an ideal place for a date in Utopia. With so many great rides and activities, it makes perfect sense to spend your loving moments here. The funfair reaches its peak when couples visit in throngs, raising spirits all across town as a result."

Special AbilityEdit

The Funfair event can only be triggered at the Carnival and uses Stockpiled Hearts to temporarily increase your Town Spirit by a certain amount, which depends on your expansion level. Activating this event also increases the maximum discount from 50% to 60% (the amount of max spirit needed does not change). Please note that this is only the case when the event is active.

See also: Events

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