Feelin' lucky?
Professions Gambler, Croupier, Acrobat
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 3
Working time 1h
Special effect Real money can be used to win Utopium!
Building time 1m 5s

Casino is a type of building.

"After long years of resistance, Utopia Corp. has caved and given into demands that go against the original plan, commissioning the construction of a Casino. While there is a worry of addiction and Utopians spending beyond their means, the rewards are just too great to resist. NOTE: New animals cannot be won at the Casino. They can only be rescued with Love, not Luck."

Feelin' Lucky?Edit

Since update 1.50 the ability to Spin to Win has been given to the Arcade. Now the Casino has a new special ability: the player can 'gamble' coin for a chance to win more coin, or real world cash to win Utopium, and you win every single time!

The instructions read:

  • Select your spin type
  • Hit the Spin button
  • Win every single time!

"In Utopia's Casino, you always win. You are guaranteed to get your money's worth each time. If not more! Check out the fully transparent rewards scheme! NOTE: VIP Spins require real money, whereas Regular Spins can only be used every 4 hrs."

There are 2 types of spins. The Normal or Regular Spin and the VIP Spin. Every Normal Spin costs 2 million coins and there is a chance to win between 3mil and 80mil coins. Of course the chances to win 80mil are much smaller than the chances to win 3mil coins. The Normal Spin has a cool down of 4 hours. The VIP Spin costs the player real money. With the same odds to win as the Normal Spin, the winnings can be between 25 utopium and 500 utopium. There is no cool down on the VIP Spin.

this a great way to gain coins do as much as you can every day

VIP ($0.99 / €0,89) ODDS

REGULAR (2 Million coins)

25u 1:3 3 Million coins
35u 1:3 4 Million coins
50u 1:5 6 Million coins
80u 1:10 10 Million coins
250u 1:33 20 Million coins
500u 1:100 80 Million coins

Astro Church Strategy Edit

Before version 1.50, players could use the Casino/Astro Church Strategy to gain terrain without leveling up, but the strategy was banned. Players who did the strategy before the ban were awarded the "Veteran Mode" achievement.

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