City Square
City Square
Sale All Season Round
Professions Plumber, Baker, Carpenter, Watchmaker, Janitor, Tailor
Production multiplier ×8
Lot size 4
Working time 5m
Building time 5-10m

City Square is a type of building.

"With so many businesses housed under one roof, the City Square is a great investment for converting high volume traffic over a short period of time."

The City Square is one of the buildings with the highest 'coins per second' (cps) production, while the production multiplier is high (8x) and so is the amount of workspaces in this building (6 clones).

When the building is fully occupied with 6 clones with a productivity of 3 cps each and when the player has built a Bank, the City Square can produce up to 288 cps.

With the Tech Support or with the Work-a-holic ability enabled at the Enterprise, work times can be extended.

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