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Coins are the standard currency in Pixel People, while utopium is the deluxe (or purchasable) currency.

Coin UsesEdit

Coins are used to purchase most items in the game, ranging from decor items, residential lots and roads.

How to Earn CoinsEdit

The main source of Coins are from sending your clones to work in buildings where they earn you coins rated incoins per second. Professions spliced in the Arrival Center create clones that you assign to buildings where they combine their productivity to increase the buildings profitability.

Finding the Bank building will double the output of all buildings that have a full compliment employees. Similarly you can purchase another permanent productivity double in the Enterprise building for a one time real cash.

Coins can also be randomly earned from: TreesHeart/Animal Shelter  surprises, Missions and at the Casino.

Players can also convert utopium into coins via the exchange button (plus sign) at the top left of the screen or in the Town Hall. The amount of coins gained from conversion is based on level.

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