Dark Tower
Dark Tower
Full of terrors
Professions Vampire, Werewolf, Witch
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 1
Working time 30m
Special effect Zombie Time
Building time Unknown

Dark Tower is a type of building.

"The Dark Tower is the last place in Utopia where darkness can be found. After the Incident of Infinight Darkness that triggered the apocalypse on Earth, Utopia Corp. has fought hard to keep the prospects of endless night at bay, by making sure every settlement is positioned in a realm of eternal sunshine. The arrival of the Dark Tower serves to remind us that there is always a darkness that we will be fighting, and that we can never take our time in the sun for granted."

Special AbilityEdit

At the Dark Tower the player can trigger the event Cover of Darkness at the cost of 2 hearts per minute.

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