Dating Agency
Lonely Hearts Club
Professions Dating Advisor, Matchmaker, Wedding Planner
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 1x1
Working time 20min
Special effect Switch building money animation for hearts.
Building time Unknown

Dating Agency is a type of building.

"It has been observed that clones long for companionship once they arrive in Utopia. Perhaps a residual human trait. Utopians are hence housed in pairs in the hope that they might breed and recreate the formula for new life that Utopia Corp. has been desperately seeking. To aid this process, Matchmakers try and arrange for suitable genetic matches though they have little success thus far. Dating Advisors provide the necessary post-matching services required to foster a fruitful relationship between clones, in the hope they might successfully recreate."

The Switch in the detailed view allows you to swap between the animation of coins being produced by your buildings and replacing them with hearts. This is an entirely cosmetic change♥

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