This mission is available from April 10th - April 30th of 2013. After this date, you can only get this mission by unlocking it first at the Event Center for 25u.

Hunt down 9 (nine) Easter Eggs hidden around Utopia before April 30th to unlock the new 'Bunny' gene.

All 9 Easter Eggs are listed below. Once all eggs are found, Complete the "Easter Eggs" mission at the Utopia HQ.

Alternatively, players can bypass the mission for 1Mu/50u, unlocking the Easter Bunny gene without having to pay and/or unlock all the requirements for the mission.

Where to Find the EggsEdit

  • (3) Sheriff's Office - "Search" - Click on the first two people who are Producers (Abhishek Radhakrishnan and Ivan Loo) and then click on the 15th person on the 2nd page (Merlin Cheng; the Wizardly Intern)
  • (1) Fire Station
  • (1) Museum
  • (1) Park
  • (3) Courthouse - "VIEW" - Click on the Mayor gene, Deputy gene, and Farmer gene (all found on page 1)


The reward for this mission is the Easter Bunny gene.

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