Generous Diplomacy
Professions Ambassador, Civil Servant, Officer
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 4
Working time 5m
Special effect Diplomatic Exchange
Building time 1-2m

Embassy is a type of building.

"The Embassy was set up once Utopians discovered they were not the only clones in the universe. The Utopian project made sure there were plenty of redundancies when it came to rebuilding the apocalypse, and thankfully, most of them have been successful[1]. This fortuitous[2] outcome has led thriving interaction between the colonies once they learned of each other's existence, and hence the Ambassadorial[3] arm of U.Corp was setup to better facilitate these high-level social exchanges."

  1. The game shows "sucessful" instead of "successful"
  2. The game shows "fortuituous" instead of "fortuitous"
  3. The game shows "Ambdassadorial" instead of "Ambassadorial"

Special AbilityEdit

"Send exclusive content to your friend's cities. You pay here, they enjoy there. Cloneship is Magic!"

You can send special gifts to your friends at the Embassy. You need to be linked with Facebook and have friends who also play this game in order to be able to use this option.

There are two types of gifts, the Normal Gift and a Premium Gift. Normal Gifts costs the sender 5u each and a Premium Gift costs real money.

The receiver of the gift can choose what he/she wants (3 different choices). Though, you're not fully able to choose the exact present you want. There are a few types of decor and residential houses and you'll get a random one of the type you choose:

Normal Gift Premium Gift
Cost: 5u $0.99 / €0,89
1st Choice: random 1 Spirit decor random 6 Spirit decor
2nd Choice: 15mil coins Level Up
3rd Choice: random house for 2 clones random house for 6 clones

NOTE: All types of decor or housing on this page do NOT require any land! They're built on Astroglass.

List of the giftsEdit

Image Name Description Gift type
Normal Gift Residential Vehicle Residential Vehicle Clones on the go 2P Residence
Normal Gift Parked Trailer Parked Trailer Indefinite pitstop 2P Residence
Normal Gift Lofty Heights Lofty Heights Before it was cool 2P Residence
Normal Gift Hearty Loft Hearty Loft Haven't heard of it 2P Residence
Normal Gift Bouncy Castle Bouncy Castle Only fools jump in 2P Residence
Normal Gift Twin Tents Twin Tents I need space 2P Residence
Normal Gift Single Tent Single Tent For honeymooners 2P Residence
Normal Gift Home Wreckage Home Wreckage On solid ground 2P Residence
Normal Gift Recycledresidence Recycled Residence Reduce. Reuse. 2P Residence
Normal Gift Skating Rink Skating Rink 1S Decor
Normal Gift Roller Rink 1 Roller Rink Dark brown color 1S Decor
Normal Gift Roller Rink 2 Roller Rink Orange color 1S Decor
Normal Gift Plaza 1 Plaza Grey stone & Green box in center 1S Decor
Normal Gift Plaza 2 Plaza Tan bricks & Glass square center 1S Decor
Normal Gift Plaza 3 Plaza Brown/tan checkerboard & Green cube in each corner 1S Decor
Normal Gift Glass Court Glass Court 1S Decor
Normal Gift Soccer Pitch (astroglass) Soccer Pitch 1S Decor
Normal Gift Barn Barn Has 4 pieces- top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right 1S Decor
Normal Gift Tulip Field 1 Tulip Field Yellow/pink flowers 1S Decor
Normal Gift Tulip Field 2 Tulip Field Pink/purple flowers 1S Decor
Normal Gift Tulip Field 3 Tulip Field Purple/gold flowers 1S Decor
Premium Gift Town House Town House Unity in diversity 6P Residence
Premium Gift Love Boat Love Boat Where hope floats 6P Residence
Premium Gift Tall House Tall House Not a doll house 6P Residence
Premium Gift Boat House Boat House Go overboard 6P Residence
Premium Gift Super Manse Super Manse Extraordinary luxory 6P Residence
Premium Gift Windmill Windmill 6S Decor
Premium Gift Spire Spire 6S Decor
Premium Gift Grand Fountain Grand Fountain 6S Decor
Premium Gift Carousel Carousel 6S Décor
Premium Gift Sea Garden Sea Garden 6S Decor

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