Time is money.
Professions Industrialist, Secretary, Receptionist
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 1
Working time 1h
Special effect All buildings will work twice as long. (This will cost you real money to unlock!)
Building time 8m

Enterprise is a type of building.

"Once unlocked, the workaholic ability can be accessed from the enterprise building. This ability will activiate any and all idle buldings at the same time. all buildings activated in this fashion, will have their working time further doubled, for that workaholic cycle. The workaholic ability costs 1 utopium for each use, regardless of how many buildings are affected each time. This investment is highly recommended if micromanagment is not your cup of tea."


The button in this building allows you to purchase a onetime upgrade (for real cash) that doubles the working time of every building.

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