First Wonder
First Wonder
Professions n/a
Production multiplier ×0
Lot size 9
Working time n/a
Special effect Hearts don't need to be pumped anymore
Building time 1m

The First Wonder consists of 9 parts. All of them have to be unlocked by completing the missions at the Museum.

Special AbilityEdit

When all 9 parts are built, you don't have to pump hearts anymore.

How to get all of the partsEdit

You can find a list of the missions you need to complete below:

Mission Requires Reward
1. Seed Funding Industrialist, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 1
2. Excavators Assemble! Historian, Cameraman, Construction Worker, 6 Strong animals Part 2
3. Mine or Tomb? Photographer, Architect, Interior Designer, 30u Part 3
4. Lara's Theme Doctor, Archaeologist, Gamer, 6 Big Cats Part 4
5. Gold Rush Miner, Investor, Lawyer, 25u, 15-1000mil (depends on level) Part 5
6. Temple of Boom Camel, Sun Priest, Grave Digger, Hermit, Llama, Camel, Wild animal, 20-300mil (depends on level), 25u Part 6
7. Artifact or Fiction? 2 Donkeys, 2 Unicorns, 50u, Real Estate Agent, Forensic Scientist, Preacher Part 7
8. A Promise Of Love Gummy Bear, Drop Bear, Parrot, Arboreal animal, Sphinx, Time Traveller, Paleontologist, Secret Agent, 50u Part 8
9. Final Problem 100u, 10-800mil (depends on level), Nessie, Sphinx, Wedding Singer, Detective, Tree Hugger Part 9

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