Gene Pool
For unselfish genes
Professions Geneticist, Scientist, Doctor
Production multiplier ×3
Lot size 4
Working time 10m
Special effect View Special Genes
Building time 48h

Gene Pool is a type of building.

"The Gene Pool houses all anomalies and unique results of splicing activities. The vast premises are ideal for studying the conditions required to reproduce these special phenomena, as scientists get close each day to understanding how all this actually works."

Special AbilityEdit

As of the 1.3 update, the Gene Pool can be used to view the Special Genes that have been unlocked. Most of the special genes are unlocked by completing certain Missions.


Until the 1.3 update, the special ability of the Gene Pool was: Filling the Hearts bar instantly for 2mil coins. Till the 1.5 update, this could be accessed through the Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, after that update, it is no longer possible to fill the Hearts bar instantly.

The function of the Gene Pool until version 1.7, was to unlock two Special Genes: the Romantic and the Easter Eggs Mission (Easter Bunny) for 25 Utopium. This last ability was passed to the Event Center in the 1.7 update.

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