Great Interiors

Great Interiors is a mission that can be completed at the Utopia HQ and requires the following:

*Some requirements depend on the expansion level.

This mission can be completed more than once and can not be bought out.


Once the mission is completed, the player is awarded a Glass House.


A developer has stated that this mission was not designed to be equitable in value to the other non-astroglass missions. It is a terrible value if you only need the astroglass house for the space. He explained that it exists only so that a completionist who is completely unable to get AG stuff through the Casino will have at least some other method to get this house.


  • Till update 1.50 you needed 100 Utopium instead of 4 Mutopium.
  • Till update 1.53 you needed 5 Mutopium instead of 4.

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