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Land is needed for Buildings, most of the Trees and Decor. If you have no land, some clones can not be spliced as they require their own unique building to be built. To play further in the game, it is wise to purchase some more land space.

Land WatchEdit

Land Watch
At the bottom right of the screen is a yellow "Land Watch" button, located between the Spirit Watch button and the Live Newsfeed. The Land Watch button appears with green and red arrows similar to those used in the real-world stock market. This button is updated with the current amount of used and available land. Tap on this button to see your current land level, the price and reward for the next level of purchasable land, and the "Expand" land purchase button.


The prices of leveling up increase with each purchase. Though, if the player has built a Law Firm, he/she can level up at the cost of 40 Utopium too. This is either possible at the "Expand" screen or at the Law Firm itself.

The current land max is 1515. Attempting to purchase more land will result in a message of: "NO MORE LAND AVAILABLE".

It's possible to get bigger discounts on the cost of expanding by adding items that increase Spirit so it's generally considered wise to maximize your Decor before using the Land Watch upgrade, especially at earlier levels.

Here are the expansion costs WITHOUT discount:

Level C Cost Reward
1 10,000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
2 25,000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
3 80,000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
4 150,000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
5 260,000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
6 490,000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
7 960.000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
8 1.800.000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
9 3.200.000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
10 5.400.000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
11 9.000.000 +10 Land, +1 Utopium
12 14.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
13 22.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
14 34.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
15 49.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
16 70.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
17 94.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
18 120.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
19 140.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
20 160.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
21 180.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
22 200.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
23 220.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
24 240.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
25 260.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
26 280.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium
27 300.000.000 +10 Land, +2 Utopium

Land costs stop scaling after level 27 (300 mil).

After that, with a 50% discount, you will pay either 150 mil, or 149.9 mil.

If you have activated the Funfair event, you'll get a 60% discount and you will pay either 120 mil, or 119.9 mil.

One time offers & OpportunitiesEdit

When you expand you will receive a special delivery that usually contains 10 land and 1 or 2 utopium but sometimes you will randomly get a special opportunity or one time offer that can be accepted. Below you'll find the offers. It is not known if there are special requirements to be met to get one of these opportunities.

Level Up Reward
Name Reward
Black Market Sale A 24h sale on real money utopium and coin purchases.
Legal Loophole Lollapalooza A second level up for 20u
Arbitrary Arbitrage Opportunity Converting utopium to double the amount of coins you normally receive.

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