Male Female
Charlie Witwicky
Splice splice splice, that's all they ever ask

Category Technical
Productivity None (Visually 1 cps)
Workplace Arrival Center

Mechanic is a type of profession.

The mechanic is in charge of welcoming and splicing new clones. The mechanic is a pre-existing resident when the game starts, along with the Mayor. So, there is no formula for the Mechanic. This means that she cannot be spliced.

The mechanic leaves the player Gameplay hints and tips in the Town Hall.

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Name referencesEdit

Male - Charlie Witwicky probable is a reference to Transformers.  Charles Witwicky is the uncle of Sam Witwicky who is the main human character in the recent movies.  Interestingly enough Charles Adler is the voice actor who played Starscream in the original anime series.

Female - Eve Jobs could refer to Steve Jobs.  One of the creators and founders of Apple Inc. Lots of hidden meanings here - Eve was the first female who convinced Adam to eat an apple from the tree of knowledge which eventually lead to the expulsion from Eden. Jobs could also refer to the fact that the Mechanic splices the clones to assign them to their professions.