Ministry of Hope
Now what?
Professions None
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 4
Working time 0s
Building time 30-60s

Ministry of Hope is a special type of building.

"We were promised a dream. A dream of creation in its truest form. Not just of lands and edifices. But creations of our own being. Where are the children we see in our sleep? How long will our hope last?"

How this building can be obtainedEdit

The secret animals added in update 1.5 can be spliced by clicking in any of the question marks in page 5 of the animals. It needs Mutopium and Animals. When all secret animals are spliced, this building appears.

The 1.6 update added a mission: Shadow Council that can also be completed in order to obtain the Ministry of Hope.

NOTE: If you have already got the Ministry of Hope, the Shadow Council mission does NOT give out a second Ministry of Hope! This building can only be built/obtained once.

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