Peak a boo
Professions Snow Elemental, Alpine Rescue, Sherpa
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 3
Working time 40m
Special effect More cool stuff: Frozen Shoreline now available for landscaping
Building time 24-48h

Mountain is a type of building.

"The construction of a Mountain in Utopia came as a great relief to the townsfolk. That was a geography reference. The experiment seems to be shaping up well on the physical front, as such grand additions to the landscape invoke striking similarities to our lost planet. The mountains hide many secrets though, so look out for wights running down the slopes, before you try to ski free."

Special AbilityEdit

The Mountain unlocks the Frozen Shoreline Decor. The new types of decor can be found in the "Build" screen under: Landscape -> Decor -> Shoreline Decor.

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