Learn from the past
Professions Archaeologist, Paleontologist, Historian
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 2
Working time 10 min
Special effect Venture Time: Wonderful secrets are waiting to be unearthed!
Building time 16h

Museum is a type of building.

"Everything that could be lifted off of the planet's surface and could not be used for reconstruction, can be found in the museum."

Special AbilityEdit

In the 1.80 update, the Museum got a special ability. Now there are a few special missions that can only be completed at the Museum. Once you complete a mission, you need to wait until midnight before you can start the next mission. There are 9 of them resulting in completing the First Wonder:

Mission Requires Reward
1. Seed Funding Industrialist, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 1
2. Excavators Assemble! Historian, Cameraman, Construction Worker, 6 Strong animals Part 2
3. Mine or Tomb? Photographer, Architect, Interior Designer, 30u Part 3
4. Lara's Theme Doctor, Archaeologist, Gamer, 6 Big Cats Part 4
5. Gold Rush Miner, Investor, Lawyer, 25u, 15-1000mil (depends on level) Part 5
6. Temple of Boom Camel, Sun Priest, Grave Digger, Hermit, Llama, Camel, Wild animal, 20-300mil (depends on level), 25u Part 6
7. Artifact or Fiction? 2 Donkeys, 2 Unicorns, 50u, Real Estate Agent, Forensic Scientist, Preacher Part 7
8. A Promise Of Love Gummy Bear, Drop Bear, Parrot, Arboreal animal, Sphinx, Time Traveller, Paleontologist, Secret Agent, 50u Part 8
9. Final Problem 100u, 10-800mil (depends on level), Nessie, Sphinx, Wedding Singer, Detective, Tree Hugger Part 9

The 1.90 update exceeded the amount of missions accessed via the Museum by 9 additional missions. The Second Wonder can now be built!

Mission Requires Reward
1. The Cup of Life Politician, 10-800mil (depends on level). Part 1
2. Futbol Picante 3 Fast animals, 3 Wild animals, Athlete, Martial Artist, 1u Part 2
3. Viva Italia Chef, Artist, 31u Part 3
4. American Soccer 3 Strong animals, 3 Tasty animals, Cheerleader, Coach, 1u Part 4
5. French Connection Baker, Winemaker, 26u, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 5
6. Seoul Survivors 2 Cats, 1 Big Cat, 1 Dragon, Ninja, Samurai, 26u, 10-300mil (depends on level) Part 6
7. Die Mannschaft Chicken, Zebra, Alsatian, Tabby Cat, Car Designer, Physicist, 51u Part 7
8. Waka Waka Elephant, Zebra, Parrot, 2 Wild animals, Park Ranger, Freedom Fighter, 51u Part 8
9. Ole Ola Crocodile, Snake, Samba Dancer, Soccer Fan, 101u, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 9

The 1.93 update added the Third Wonder to the game. This wonder consists of 4 parts surrounded by water.

Mission Requires Reward
1. ? ? Part 1
2. What Lies Beneath 6 Aquatic animals, Conspiracy Theorist, 50u Part 2
3. Facelift Mechanical Engineer, Makeup Artist, 31u Part 3
4. Easter Comes Early Rabbit, Mouse, Toucan, Preacher, Tribal, 100u, 600mil (depends on level) Part 4


  • The 1.93 update added the Third Wonder to the game.
  • The 1.90 update added the Second Wonder to the game.
  • Before the 1.80 update, the Museum had no special ability. Instead, the Museum displayed the following text: "Archaelogist's grant proposal approved. New exhibit being prepared in anticipation."
  • Before the 1.30 update, achievements could be accessed through the Museum. Achievements can now be accessed via the Police Station.

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