Oil Rig
Oil Rig
All about the oil
Professions Oil Driller, Welder, Oil Baron
Production multiplier ×3
Lot size 1
Working time 30m
Special effect Offshore Decor unlocked.
Building time 24-48h

Oil Rig is a type of building.

This building has to be unlocked first by completing the Baker's Dozen mission at the Utopia HQ because all three professions require it.

"Hurray! We've discovered Oil in our oceans! This precious resource can only bring joy and everlasting peach to our new civilization! Let us celebrate the bright future that lies ahead for humanity. At least we know how it is harvested, what it's made of, and how it works, unlike other pink organic energy sources that we are meant to harvest."

"Now you sea me"

Offshore DecorEdit

When you have built the Oil Rig you will be able to build Offshore Decor. This is a special category of decor that contains 7 new types of decor.

All of these costs the player one land and 12u each. On the other hand, they all provide 6 Spirit. Offshore decor is decor in/under water.

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