Path is a type of Landscape and consists of two sub types, namely Roads and Waterways. The primary use of Path is to beautify your Utopia. Both types of Path are astroglass features, so they can be built freely. Both just cost 1,000 Coins each. Besides using them to beautify your city, you can also win some Achievements. Both types can be found in the "Build" menu: Build -> Landscape -> Path.

As well as building Terrain, building Pathways has been made quite easy. You can build dozens of roads or waterways at a time! Another interesting thing to note: roads or waterways will connect to themselves, if they are placed next to each other. A very nice way to easily beautify your Utopia!

Unlocking PathEdit

Type Building to unlock
Construction Yard
Road Trees
Road with trees
Waterway Trees
Waterway with trees
Flower Shop

Roads will be unlocked after building the Construction Yard. If you also build the Nursery, decorative trees will appear near your roads. Roads are used to let your city look a little better.

Waterways will be unlocked after building the Lakehouse. When you build the Flower Shop, decorative trees will appear near your waterways. Waterways are used to let your city look a little better and contain water. When you have built the Beach House, you can build Special Decor that connects waterways very beautifully to water tiles.

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