Research Lab
Science, it works.
Professions Zoologist, Scientist, Cryptozoologist
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 1
Working time 1h 15m
Special effect Research can be done to decrease the required amount of hearts for each special delivery!
Building time 3m30s

Research Lab is a type of building.

"Slowly but surely, taxpayer funded research has been showing results. With the right amount of investment it has been proven possible to reduce the amout of Secondary Splicing matter required to produce the Surprise Anomaly."

Special AbilityEdit

The Research Lab building gives the option of permanently reducing the number of hearts required for surprises by 1 at an increasing cost of Utopium per upgrade.

While the first upgrades cost 10, 20 and 30 Utopium per heart, the next upgrades will cost 50, 70, 90 and 120 Utopium. When researched all of them, you'll only need 4 hearts for every special delivery.

Under a glitch during a special event allowing a half-price upgrade, it was possible to reduce the hearts needed to 3.

Since update 1.3 the role of animals has become even more important and the faster they are obtained will help greatly in the acquiring of special genes at the Utopia HQ.

While enticing it's not a wise use of Utopium early in the game, better spent on upgrading buildings and missions, but will help obtain rare Animals faster.

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