School of Magic
Fly You Fools!
Professions Wizard, Apprentice, Magician
Production multiplier ×3
Lot size 1
Working time 5m
Special effect Allows rotation of your buildings
Building time 8h 8m 19s

School of Magic is a type of building.

"While you might think most Utopians are faithful to science, a fair number actually believe in the art of magic, and then there are the compatibilists who believe in both.  It sure helps explain a lot of the weird stuff going on.  All apprentices must start by mastering the art of Illusion.  These effects can be seen in town as they go about flipping buildings and confusing residents in the process."

Special Ability Edit

Rotate Building Icon

Building a School of Magic allows the rotation of most of your buildings and decorations. A purple icon appears at the top left of rotatable buildings when you open their info screens. Almost every building (or decor) with a size of 1, 3 or 4 land can be rotated. Buildings using 2 squares cannot be rotated.

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