Second Wonder
Second Wonder
Second Wonder
Professions n/a
Production multiplier ×0
Lot size 9
Working time n/a
Building time 1m

The Second Wonder consists of 9 parts. All of them have to be unlocked by completing the missions at the Museum. Before you can build this world wonder, you need to finish the missions unlocking the First Wonder first.

Special AbilityEdit

Unlike the First Wonder, the stadium appears to have no special ability, like the Third Wonder. There is a message that pops up when the last part is finished, saying to have a ball.

Second Wonder Message

How to get all of the partsEdit

You can find a list of the missions you need to complete below:

Mission Requires Reward
1. The Cup of Life Politician, 10-800mil (depends on level). Part 1
2. Futbol Picante 3 Fast animals, 3 Wild animals, Athlete, Martial Artist, 1u Part 2
3. Viva Italia Chef, Artist, 31u Part 3
4. American Soccer 3 Strong animals, 3 Tasty animals, Cheerleader, Coach, 1u Part 4
5. French Connection Baker, Winemaker, 26u, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 5
6. Seoul Survivors 2 Cats, 1 Big Cat, 1 Dragon, Ninja, Samurai, 26u, 10-300mil (depends on level) Part 6
7. Die Mannschaft Chicken, Zebra, Alsatian, Tabby Cat, Car Designer, Physicist, 51u Part 7
8. Waka Waka Elephant, Zebra, Parrot, 2 Wild animals, Park Ranger, Freedom Fighter, 51u Part 8
9. Ole Ola Crocodile, Snake, Samba Dancer, Soccer Fan, 101u, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 9

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