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Secret Hideout
Keep it safe
Professions Conspiracy Theorist, Lawn Gnome, Monster Hunter
Production multiplier ×2
Lot size 1
Working time 1h
Special effect Grants access to the Secret Job List
Building time 1m30s

Secret Hideout is a type of building.

"At the secret hideout, conspiracy theorists pore over every trivial fact, every Easter egg, desperate to find a pattern.  Rumor has it that Utopia might not be the genetic haven it's cut out to be, that the threat of mutation is looming ahead, that Utopia Corp. might be a subsidiary of the notorious Infinity Corp.  How much of this is true?  Only evidence will tell."

Secret Genes Edit

  • Also see Secret Professions
  • Splice the jobs listed (they will turn green when spliced) to unlock more jobs to splice! this unlocks more missions in the Utopia HQ!

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