Shiny Tower
Shiny Tower
The bux stop here.

Cost 200,000 Coins + 6u
Lot Size 1 Lot
Capacity 6 Clones
Build Time 24h

Shiny Tower is a type of Residential lot and will be unlocked at level 8.

"A tall yet nimble structure, ideal for dream jobs. Costs a small fortune."


With a capacity of 6 clones to 1 lot of land, using the Shiny Tower is probably the best, and the most efficient, building in the game.

Once you reach the higher levels, where land costs escalate dramatically, this is the only residential building you want to be purchasing to allow your city to grow. 

Also the low density to population ratio makes heart collecting that much easier as you can cluster your residences closer together.


The name Shiny Tower is an allusion to Tiny Tower, a game with which Pixel People shares some common elements.

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