Special Delivery packets are what's used to deliver Utopia's many features.

Clone SplicingEdit

As of iOS version 1.94, there are 376 different professions to be collected (without the special genes). If you splice a blank clone, there's a random chance to end up with a clone with a 1, 2 or 3 coins per second productivity. The odds are not the same for every productivity.

Packet Eureka! Information
New Job Discovered S1
New Job discovered! With this card, the clone can produce 1 cps.
New Job Discovered S2
Limited Edition With this card, the clone can produce 2 cps.
New Job Discovered S3
Collector's Edition

With this card, the clone can produce 3 cps.

Note that you can only unlock the OCD Achievement when you have all the professions AND with this productivity.

Prize PacksEdit

Packet Name Achieved by Contains
Special Delivery With Level Buy land expansion. 10 Land and 1 or 2 Utopium
Special Delivery with Love
Special Delivery With Love Fill up the Heart bar or press the 'Daily Pet' button at the Animal Shelter An Animal; 5,000-500,000 coins or 1, 2 or 5 Utopium
Casino with luck
Special Delivery With Luck Spin at Casino 3-80 million coins, or 25-500 Utopium
Visiting Friends Present
Special Delivery With Friends Obtain present from friend's Utopia using the Telephone Company 15,000,000 coins, up to 4 Animals, 1 Mutopium or 2 Utopium
Arcade TheClaw
The Claw Play at the Arcade Animals, Utopium, Houses, Trees or Astroglass Decor
Special Delivery Oh Deer
Oh Deer! Press the flying Santa during the Winter event or play the Reindeer Games Astroglass Decor, Coins, Utopium or a Reindeer

Other PacksEdit

Packet Name Achieved by Contains
Create Secret Animal
It's Alive Combine two animals using Mutopium at the hidden page A Secret Animal