The key component to Pixel People is gene-splicing. New gene creation happens at the Arrival Center, which can store up to three blank Clones; pick one and begin splicing!

To receive new blank clones, free spaces in residential buildings are needed, so make sure you are building new houses if you want to splice new clones.

How to SpliceEdit

Splicing works by selecting a job from the category on the right and a category on the left. The test tube in the middle will either light up, indicating a profession can be spliced, or remain grey, indicating the combination is invalid.

Splice Grey "Grey means nothing"

If the test tube stays or turns grey, the two professions do not combine. Note that the formula could result in a secret gene, but this secret gene needs to be visibly listed and unlocked at the Secret Hideout (done through completing particular missions at the Utopia HQ).

Splice Orange "Yellow means you've found it before"

When this button appears, the combination you made results in a profession you have already spliced/discovered. Pressing the button anyway results in a clone with the spliced job. Duplicate jobs take only 10 seconds to splice.

Splice Pink "Pink means brand new"

A pink test tube indicates that the combination results in a profession you have not spliced/discovered before. Formulas that require land will note the requirement underneath the test tube. You will be prompted to place any new buildings when splicing is complete.

Splice Green "And green is just eww"

Finding a green test tube combination means that the combination is a secret gene. Pressing the test tube results in creating one of the hidden professions. Note that a combination may appear grey even though it is a valid secret splice if you have not unlocked the appropriate professions in the Secret Hideout building.

Splice Blue A blue test tube indicates a profession that is not listed in the Secret Hideout.
Splice Purple
A purple test tube indicates a profession that can only be spliced under the Cover of Darkness.

Genes that can create brand new discoveries will appear brighter in the gene bank. Dull categories/genes indicate that no more new professions may be spliced from them, except for potential secret genes.

A list of all combinations can be found on the Professions page.

Once Splicing is CompleteEdit

All clones work in specific Buildings. If you don't have that clone's primary building (the first building in its list of jobs), you will get it for free, and can plop it down in your ever-growing space city. Otherwise, you can click on the new clone and send him/her to work in an existing building right away.

Some professions work in multiple buildings and can be made more than once.
Splice Under Construction

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