Tech Support
Tech Support
Productive Technologies
Professions Programmer, System Admin, Mathematician
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 1
Working time 20m
Special effect Upgrade buildings to extend working hours
Building time 2m 30s

Tech Support is a type of Building

"Though Utopians love the rustic charm of simple living, a lot of the town's systems run on advanced technologies that require periodic maintenance."

The Tech Support provides a special function for you to play with. With one upgrade at the cost of 3 Utopium for one building at a time, you can extend the working hours of that building.

Say, you want to upgrade a building that has a standard working time of 15m.

Upgrade Total cost Worktime
0. 15m
1. 3u 30m
2. 6u 45m
3. 9u 1h
4. 12u 1h 15m
5. 15u 1h 30m

There's a maximum of 5 upgrades.

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