The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens is a type of mission that can be completed at the Utopia HQ and requires the following:

This mission can only be completed once and can be bought out with 5 Mutopium.

Reward Edit

Once the mission is completed, the player is awarded 10 new Professions.

Profession Formula Workplace(s)
1. Sea Dog Captain + Buccaneer Docks
2. Sailor Sea Dog + First Mate Docks
3. Dock Hand Sailor + Strongman Docks
4. Boat Racer Racecar Driver + Sailor Marina
5. Sailing Instructor Sailor + Coach Swimming Pool, Marina
6. Lighthouse Keeper Astronomer + Electrician Lighthouse
7. Cartographer Calligrapher + Explorer Lighthouse
8. Castaway Explorer + Sailor Island
9. Tribal Farmer + Fishmonger Island
10. Treasure Hunter Jeweller + Buccaneer Island

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