Thrift Store
Thrift Store
Pop some tags
Professions Frisbee Player, Dog Walker, Graffiti Artist, Indie Musician
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 1
Working time 20 min.
Building time Unknown

Thrift Store is a type of building.

"Velcro sneakers, velour jumpsuit, house slippers, ski blankets, broken keyboards, knee boards, green gator shoes, moccasins, flannel zebra jammies, are apparently the kinds of things that Utopia Corp. stocked in the Thrift Store before sending it down to the city. Where they got their catalog from, is anyone's guess, but ever since it's [sic] arrival it's been attracting Utopia's most pretentious clones who've been hunting for a good bargain."


  • The building description is based on a lyric from Macklemore's song "Thrift Shop"
    • Additionally, the phase "broken keyboards, knee boards, green gator shoes, flannel zebra jammies" are part of the lyrics from the same song.

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