Trees in Buildings

There can be trees included in buildings.

Trees are a type of landscaping and can only be built when the Nursery building is built.

They offer up coins (100 or 1000) or occasionally 1 and very rarely 3 Utopium) at random intervals when tapped. Trees purchased through Landscaping count against your total allocation of land but in the recent update new Trees can be gained at random from the Arcade which cost nothing towards land costs. Trees from both Landscaping and the Arcade count toward the achievements 'One Small Step' and 'One Giant Leap'.

Randomly, Trees can give Utopium instead of coins with a maximum harvest limit of 25u per day. Buying lots of Trees will help you get to that limit faster but at the cost of taking up land.

When visiting friends you can collect from five of their Trees per day; any Utopium gained does not count against your daily limit.

An event - Utopium Leak! - can be triggered from the Chemical Plant to double coin and utopium gained from Trees, but it does not increase your daily harvest limit above 25u. In fact, if you have harvested an even number of utopium (24/25) you cannot harvest the 25th Utopium while the event is still active; if you would have collected 2 Utopium, putting you over the 25u limit, you instead gain only 10 coins. For this reason it is recommended to harvest 1u before starting the event.

An event - Over Logging  - can be triggered from the Lumber Mill. The Lumber Mill uses money to increase the daily Utopium harvesting maximum from 25 to 50 Utopium. Event lasts till the day ends (12PM).

Tree-filled and Grass plots of land are the only places in your city where animals will roam.

Animals will roam amongst the trees in your city.

Landscaping TreesEdit

Name Cost
Andromeda Oak 1u
Dimension Tree 1u
Jupiter Juniper 1u
Mercurial Olive 1u
Parsec Palm 1u
Plutonian Pine 1u
Sunny Spruce 1u

Special TreesEdit

Utopium Blossom Pink version of the Andromeda Oak that does not cost land space.
Petrified Forest Halloween tinted tree.
Icy Tree Tree covered by snow.
Snowy Tree Tree covered with snow.

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