Vacation is a an option for all clones that allows the player to place their workers into the Hotel and stop working for a number of reasons.

Residential VacationEdit

Clones resident in a building can be sent on vacation with up to 6 sent to the Hotel, at the cost of 1 utopium each, at any one time.

You can use vacation to empty a building (such as the Rocky Mansions) you built early in the game and then delete it (only empty buildings can be deleted). Once removed you can enter the Hotel and re-assign your clones their jobs, some how sending them on vacation costs them their jobs.

This allows you to remove inefficient dwellings and replace them with those fancy Shiny Towers saving on land space. Remember to have enough free space in established buildings so clones can transfer out of the hotel right away.

Often the hotel will often refund you the 1 utopium for their stay. This is not guaranteed and maybe 1/8 of the time you'll either get 2 utopium or nothing at all usually leading to a small loss over several demolitions.

Arrival Center VacationingEdit

Another use of the vacation system is to send clones blocking new arrivals at the Arrival Center while their new building is being built. Just remember to release them from the hotel once their building is completed.

Golden Heart ReorderingEdit

Golden hearts are hearts that, when gathered, lead to better Surprise bonus items. They are created by gathering a heart against a pair of clones whose gene splicing would create a valid profession at the Arrival Center. To make more of these hearts possible you can:

  • Identify a pair of clones not side-by-side in houses and place them in the Hotel.
  • Re-assign one their job back.
  • Find them in their new residence
  • If they occupy the left hand slot assign the next clone their job

They should now be eligible for golden hearts. If the clone gets placed in a right hand slot you'll have to send them on vacation again, vacation another clone and reassign them right away and repeat the first steps.

Residences fill from the top left slot down to the bottom right and this method is aided by use of Shiny Towers as much as possible for fewest buildings used and the most slots.

Historical InfoEdit

There was is a known bug, fixed in the 1.40 update, where a vacationed Fireman will not return to his job from the Hotel. To solve this you empty the fire station into the hotel by putting all the staff at the Fire Station on vacation and then reassigning them their jobs. The confusion is because there are 2 Firemen at the station and the hotel logic does not take this into account.

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