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Wheres My H20
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Where's my H2O? is a type of Mission that can only be completed at the Utopia HQ. You need to have the Secret Hideout completed to be eligible for this mission.

Requirements Edit

The missions costs the following:

*Some requirements depend on the player's expansion level.

This mission can only be completed once and can be bought out at the cost of dollars/euros.

Reward Edit

Once the mission is completed, 5 new genes will be unlocked. These are the genes listed #15 - 19 in the secret job list at the Secret Hideout.

Profession Formula Workplace(s)
15. Fencer Ballet Dancer + Ninja Dojo
16. Lawn Gnome Gardener + Wizard Secret Hideout
17. Punk Rocker Guitarist + Hair Stylist Outdoor Stage
18. Mariachi Guitarist + Cattle Rustler Outdoor Stage, Diner
19. Rockstar Guitarist + Vocalist Outdoor Stage

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