Winter Is Present

Winter is a type of Event that's added in the 1.70 update. The Winter covers Utopia with a thick layer of snow.

During the Winter event, Santa will sometimes fly over your city. If you press on him, you'll get a reward: Astroglass Decor, Coins, Utopium or a Reindeer.

The Winter can only be stopped by completing the Dear Santa Mission. To complete the mission, you need all Santa's Reindeer. You can obtain them by spotting Santa when he's flying over your city, or by playing the Reindeer Games in your own of one of your friend's cities.

After completing the Dear Santa mission, the Winter event can still be triggered. You can exchange Stockpiled Hearts at the Winter Fort. 10 hearts equals 30 minutes of game play.

NOTE: If you want to collect more Reindeer (e.g. to complete more missions or to help your friends) after you completed the Dear Santa mission, you need to re-trigger the Winter event.

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