Winter Fort
Winter Fort
My watch begins
Professions Ice Lord, Viking, Guardian.
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 4
Working time 20m
Special effect Brace Yourselves: A stark way to welcome Winter
Building time 24-48h

Winter Fort is a type of building.

"Dark wings bring dark words, and the dark tower threatens the return of the endless night. Who will protect the realm of clones from the blackness of the void? The Guardians of the Winter Fort of course. The blood of the old clones runs through their veins, and they fear no cold nor darkness."

Special AbilityEdit

At the Winter Fort the Winter event can be triggered at the cost of Hearts.

  • 1 heart = 6 minutes

NOTE: To unlock this building, you need the Holiday Spirit. To get the Holiday Spirit, you need to complete the Dear Santa Mission. If you complete that mission successfully, the permanent winter will end.

See also: Events

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